Illegal Alien/Undocumented Immigrant

Anyone who comes into my house by any other means than knocking on the door and being granted entry is there illegally. Look if someone is in desperate need and simply trying to survive then I am going to help because I WANT TO. Americans are among the most tolerant people in the world. Where else would you be able to break in, demand to be fed, clothed, housed and even require language accommodations? Sure, why not, ok, fine there you go, but still it’s not enough, Americans continue to be seen as intolerant. Let me break into your house and claim a right to reach into your fridge or purse, then tell me it’s not illegal.

A welcome mat is placed outside the door of America and that door is wide. All we ask is that you knock to announce your presence, and upon entry conduct yourself as a guest. Citizenship in this country is a privilege and all privileges are earned. Those who are blessed to have been born here have inherited the privilege from those who have fought and died for it. The fight is not over because privileges can also be lost if they are not protected.

This is the greatest country in the world as evidenced by the multitudes trying to get in. There is no great flock trying to get out. I honestly don’t care what label is put on immigration,  just don’t tell me that I owe you something because you made it across the border. Again, if you are hungry I’ll feed you, if you’re thirsty I’ll give you a drink, it’s what Americans do.


About spaide

On calling a spaide a spaide, I simply placed my initials in front of my goal. I want to aide people who may be living in fear over the condition of America. I started my website with that goal in mind and although I am self taught on computer usage, I endeavor to make it continually better. I think that if people are prepared for anything, that fear is dissipated. This is the same concept as banking a savings account, or IRA, it is preparing for the unknown. I submit that a dollar that is not backed by gold is simply a piece of paper, hence preparing may require more tangible items.
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