Wild Kingdom Obamanation

Wild kingdom documents the predator with his prey. Oftentimes narrated bilaterally the projected thoughts as the hunt begins. The lion lying low waiting to seize the precise moment to spring on the wildebeest. The slow motion camera capturing the split-second action of the iguana’s long sticky tongue as it snatches a preying mantis off a limb. The long sleek body of the python cannot conceal the obvious bulge as the swallowed rabbit slides slowly through its digestive system. Viewing these moments is both fascinating and startling.
Even more startling is watching human predators in action. Like the lion hunkering low until it’s presence has alarmed the masses, then quickly springing on the vulnerable and defenseless. The aged and the sick of our country have been targeted as the next dispensable group, following the first group, the unborn.

How long until that group has been devoured and the predator’s insatiable appetite for blood drives him to step up the hunt and bring down the average runner, and finally the fastest of the masses? The muscles are poised, the claws outstretched and those powerful jaws will not be denied. The long sticky tongue is faster than lightning, and none can deny the enormous swell in the midst of that snake.

Predators have been known to adapt to a different diet in times of necessity, and in dire circumstances resort to cannibalism. They must turn on each other because they have eliminated the rest. What an abomination, and humans should know better.


About spaide

On calling a spaide a spaide, I simply placed my initials in front of my goal. I want to aide people who may be living in fear over the condition of America. I started my website with that goal in mind and although I am self taught on computer usage, I endeavor to make it continually better. I think that if people are prepared for anything, that fear is dissipated. This is the same concept as banking a savings account, or IRA, it is preparing for the unknown. I submit that a dollar that is not backed by gold is simply a piece of paper, hence preparing may require more tangible items.
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