Solid Investment

Consulting an investment broker is common practice, and may be second nature to some people. Even among those less affluent stocks, bonds, and IRA accounts are understood at a base level at least. When we talk about securing the future for our children we think of college funds or inheritance. We want to provide more for our children than we had. The American dollar is a monetary system backed by gold, at least in theory. Without gold to back the face value of a dollar bill it is reduced to the value of a printed piece of high quality paper. Inflation is the result of printing more dollars with no gold to back them, hence bringing the value of it down. Our government has been printing dollars without the gold to back it for years. Many people have seen the need to invest more carefully. The idea of saving in more solid ways such as gold or silver is not new and is sound advice against a shifting economy.
Think about how dependant society is on electricity, or public water supply, or even the local supermarket. If just one of these dependencies were not available what would be the result? What if they were all suddenly not available? How would that affect our children’s future? Those who are more affluent may be able to survive a short time by paying double or even triple cost for some needed items. This of course is not sustainable. The key is to be prepared, as the saying goes “plan for the worst, and hope for the best.” There are many ways to put away for the future in tangible ways. Some of those ways don’t cost a penny.
Learning how to be self-sufficient costs nothing, and will prove invaluable in an emergency. The weather is more unpredictable than the economy and has caught many off guard and unprepared to survive without outside help. Often that help is needed for a very long time. What if, when a hurricane hit, people could recover within days because solar power generators began to run, and a clean water system was in place already? Cans of food or bottled water could be pulled out of storage, and the cleanup could begin with little or no hesitation.
There are many ways to be prepared for the short-term or for the long haul. We must at least know how to be self-sufficient, even if we never have to use those skills. There may be neighbors who will need a hero some day, if not you then which of your neighbors will you look to?
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About spaide

On calling a spaide a spaide, I simply placed my initials in front of my goal. I want to aide people who may be living in fear over the condition of America. I started my website with that goal in mind and although I am self taught on computer usage, I endeavor to make it continually better. I think that if people are prepared for anything, that fear is dissipated. This is the same concept as banking a savings account, or IRA, it is preparing for the unknown. I submit that a dollar that is not backed by gold is simply a piece of paper, hence preparing may require more tangible items.
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