Anthony Weiner Shows What He’s Made Of On Huckabee Show

It really takes courage for a democrat to appear on Fox News channel at this point in history, so I give Rep. Anthony Weiner D-N.Y. credit for that. His appearance on Huckabee however may have been a mistake since he succeeded only to reinforce the republican’s objection to having health care forced on American citizens. When Mike Huckabee asked him why democrats thought it would work for the country if it clearly has not worked in Massachusetts or Tennessee Mr. Weiner responded by assuming that this was a “plug for Mitt Romney.” Mr. Huckabee responded that he intended no such plug, but that the aforementioned states had tried this very method of implementing mandates on health insurance and had failed. Huckabee asked again why, if it has failed before, would it work now. Weiner’s response was very telling, he said because the individual states “…don’t have enough power.” He quickly rephrased the comment and said “…enough population to back it.” He became visibly agitated and began to rant incessantly while Mr. Huckabee waited patiently for him to finish. It became obvious that the rant was intended to agitate, and Mr. Huckabee interjected several times, apparently to get Representative Weiner off his soap box. Eventually Weiner had to be cut off mid-rant since he was beside himself trying to cram his opinion down the throat of anyone listening.

I sincerely hope that our elected officials understand that getting your point across is only half of a debate. LISTENING is the other half and perhaps if more listening were being done there would also be more progress toward solutions. Listen first to the voice of the people, those who elected you, then to each other. Finding solutions requires an understanding of the problems as well as the obstacles.

Well done Mr. Huckabee for keeping cool in the midst of chaos, and shame on you Mr. Weiner for so passionately getting swept into a tizzy simply to get your own way.


About spaide

On calling a spaide a spaide, I simply placed my initials in front of my goal. I want to aide people who may be living in fear over the condition of America. I started my website with that goal in mind and although I am self taught on computer usage, I endeavor to make it continually better. I think that if people are prepared for anything, that fear is dissipated. This is the same concept as banking a savings account, or IRA, it is preparing for the unknown. I submit that a dollar that is not backed by gold is simply a piece of paper, hence preparing may require more tangible items.
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