Fast Forward

Sometime in the future when capital punishment has been abolished, cryogenic incarceration and direct brainwave rehabilitation is implemented. A Los Angeles cop is sentenced to this fate for mistakenly blowing up a warehouse with hostages inside. He has had the pleasure of seeing his nemesis meet the same fate. There is solace in knowing that the murderer who took the hostages, and tricked him into blowing up what he thought was an empty warehouse is put away. Monitors are connected to his head and chest and he is placed naked in a large, clear containment vat. The top is lowered over him and the vat is quickly filled with fluid. He begins to gasp for breath and is instantly frozen.
Fast forward about 20 years. The cop is released into a society he no longer recognizes. His first desire is for a cigarette, which he learns has been outlawed because it is bad for health. He spouts four letter words and is fined by a voice monitor on the wall, which also produces a paper ticket. Ignoring the monitor he then asks to use the restroom. He returns shortly thereafter and informs the other officers that they are out of toilet paper. They are very amused by him as they explain that toilet paper has been abolished because it is bad for the environment. During a ride in the electric police car he asks that the radio be put on, and is informed that most music is abolished for evoking feelings other than joy. One officer turns to his favorite channel where they both sing along to “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener.” The three officers are later met by a man wearing a white robe, whose societal ideals have become law. He invites them all to Taco Bell (the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars) for dinner. In the meantime our thawed officer discovers that kissing, because it involves contact with bodily fluids (a possible contaminant) has also been abolished. During dinner while listening to the reasons everyone loves Mr. white robe for saving them from everything “bad,” a band of dirty looking folk are spotted robbing the food delivery truck. “They live underground” he is informed, because they refuse to obey the laws.
Is this a synopsis of the movie Demolition Man or is it a glimpse into the future of our country? Maybe this sounds too far out to be possible here in America…or is it? Is it the place of government to dictate how food is cooked? I miss the original McDonald’s french fries they had a unique flavor and texture that I preferred to any others. Now they all taste the same thanks to the FDA imposing regulations to make them “healthier,” not an additional choice, but a removal of one. Will we here in the United States also soon be fined for what we say? Oh right, we have freedom of speech here, unless it hurts someone’s feelings, or you talk about Jesus, or maybe tell an inconvenient truth, then maybe those rights don’t apply anymore. If our government forces us to buy health care it isn’t much different than using our taxes to pay for things we oppose, like abortion or for researching how to dispose of swine dung. Politicians have gotten away with too much for too long because we have allowed it. Who sits in the highest seat in the land being proclaimed as savior or the anointed one, or Mr. white robe himself. We are watching history in progress, and we’re in a position to change it. Big government says that we the people are not educated enough to make decisions for ourselves, so for our own good they will do it for us. How long will it be until they remove that one choice that you can’t live without and you are forced to live “underground” or off the grid?
In the movie Dennis Leary plays the unassuming leader of the people underground. He goes off on a characteristic ranting about what he wants which includes eating meat until it comes out of his ears and “I wanna dance naked in the rain singing I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener.” This is his reason for going hungry often and living in tunnels under the city… he wants the choice. Let’s not believe the politicians implications that we are incapable of deciding our generations future. We don’t have to agree with each other on most things, but if we want to keep our freedom then we must always keep that foremost in our minds when we vote. Getting our own way must come second to that. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and arsenic can be similarly disguised.


About spaide

On calling a spaide a spaide, I simply placed my initials in front of my goal. I want to aide people who may be living in fear over the condition of America. I started my website with that goal in mind and although I am self taught on computer usage, I endeavor to make it continually better. I think that if people are prepared for anything, that fear is dissipated. This is the same concept as banking a savings account, or IRA, it is preparing for the unknown. I submit that a dollar that is not backed by gold is simply a piece of paper, hence preparing may require more tangible items.
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